The leader’s leader.

Prior to founding Inflection Point Consulting in 2012, I spent 40 years working in finance, secondary education, and serving on the board of numerous not-for-profit organizations. These diverse experiences took me around the world—I lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Woodberry Forest, Virginia.

Along the way I learned a great deal about listening, problem solving, strategic thinking, and most importantly, how to lead and motivate. In other words, how to mentor. It was only natural that I channel these experiences into a full-time endeavor—a fully customized, one-on-one consulting practice designed to help others function at their “highest and best use.”

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

As a mentor, my approach is compassionate; I draw as much on lessons learned from navigating my own inflection points as a husband, father and cancer survivor as I do from my background as a finance executive. It’s also client-driven, steeped in an understanding that each of us holds our own unique assets, or Personal Capital. My ultimate goal is to help you identify and unlock the power of your Personal Capital so you can achieve success as you define it.

{Be Extraordinary}