This is your inflection point.

I’ve developed five flexible programs around typical inflection points. Because it is vital for this process to be exclusively yours, they serve as frameworks—not rigid curriculums. A common thread running through each is the opportunity for discovery and growth. If you’d like to create a different program from what you see below, please email me.

The Metamorphosis

You’ve reached a turning point in your personal or professional life—maybe both. The time to make a meaningful change is now. My program will take you on a deep dive to explore your options. You’ll zero in on where you want to be long-term, and we’ll identify concrete steps to get you there. Over the course of 6–12 months you will take decisive action toward defined milestones, setting goals and developing a plan that puts you into a position to succeed.

The Pivot

Over a period of 9–12 weeks we will examine how your professional, personal and financial capital intertwine and affect your future. You’ll select your most vital priorities in each realm and then take action to close the gap between real and ideal.

The Executive Evolution

If you’re in a position to accomplish momentous change in your professional role, this program will help you make the most of your opportunities. Maybe your goal is to succeed in getting key legislation passed, or to make record-breaking profits for your company. In this program you’ll accomplish high-level professional excellence in the most effective, efficient way. Download PDF for more information.

The Explorer

Have you arrived in unfamiliar territory? This program helps you artfully navigate a unique, life-changing opportunity. Perhaps you have been named executor of an estate, or been unexpectedly appointed head of a committee with significant influence. Here you’ll freely explore how various actions will affect results and determine the best path for desired outcomes.

The Legacy

Along life’s path are opportunities to take stock of what you’ve achieved and, equally as important, what remains undone. Perhaps you’re an engineer enacting significant and lasting change in your organization or you’re asking, “how do I want to be remembered, for what, and by whom?” We’ll identify key accomplishments, from career touchstones to personal impact on those around you, and explore areas of your life that require deeper reflection. Within 6 months you’ll enact a detailed plan to shape your legacy and leave a lasting mark.

{Be Extraordinary}