Expect a challenge.

And be ready to leave your comfort zone—we’ll be embarking on a journey that will be both intellectually and emotionally stimulating. I’ll ask provocative questions. We’ll shed assumptions, unearth hidden challenges and stir up exciting possibilities.

Take the lead

I’ll provide strategy and point the way as we go, but ultimately this is your personal transformation. You decide how often we meet and the level of my involvement. I tailor my process to your schedule and your unique goals.

Aspire. Strategize. Succeed.

The formula for remarkable success? There isn’t one. But there is a method to mentoring that increases successful outcomes.

1. Identify Your Needs

Articulating what it is you need aloud to someone else can surprise you. You may shed light on hidden unexpected desires or challenges. With new awareness, we’ll possess a clear picture of your current situation, and the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

2. Take Stock of Your Strengths & Shortcomings

Next we’ll take a revealing inventory of your Personal Capital Accounts, in five key areas. More importantly, we’ll explore how they support—or stymie—one another.

3. Design Your Plan

This is the exciting part. Now that we know exactly what resources you’re working with, we start to understand not only what you’d like to achieve but what steps you’ll need to take to actually do so. I’ll take you through a range of exercises to discover new perspectives—we’re not looking for quick and easy answers.

At this point, you’ll reveal strategic, prioritized objectives to close “the gap” as well as the means to measure your progress. This may be the first time you realize that ambitions that once seemed elusive are actually within your reach.

4. Put Your Plan into Action

The real work begins now. We’ll work together intensively over a period of months as you execute your plan. During this time, I will encourage, reorient, focus and push you.

{Be Extraordinary}